'Speedy' and 'Tonic' – the new Kia Stonic

September 24th, 2017 by

When it comes to crossovers (or CUVs), no one does it better than Kia. Kia’s current line-up of compact crossovers, the Kia Soul and Kia Niro, both dominated in J.D. Power’s recent 2017 Initial Quality Studies (IQS). The 2017 Kia Soul ranked highest among in the “Multi-Purpose Vehicle” segment, while the 2017 Kia Niro ranked highest among the “Small SUV” segment. 2017 marks the third consecutive year the Kia Soul has taken home an IQS award.
A perfect cross between a compact sedan and an SUV, CUVs offer the affordability and compact functionality of a smaller sedan with SUV-like cabin space with. Compact crossovers are quickly gaining popularity with city drivers across the country; including Tulsa! In calendar year 2016, Ferguson Kia sold more Kia crossovers, to our Tulsa shoppers, than any other new Kia model segment.
With so many Tulsa drivers all ready in love with their Kia crossovers and with the explosive growth of the compact crossover segment expected to continue, it’s no secret that we’re pretty stoked about Kia’s recent reveal the Stonic. The Stonic is Kia’s newest compact crossover model; which was revealed during the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. While Kia hasn’t said whether or not the Stonic will go on sale in the United States (we’re hoping it does), there’s a lot about the new CUV to get excited about; including a new level of customization, smart technology, and a bold SUV-inspired design.
Perhaps the most standout aspect of the Stonic is that it is the most customizable Kia ever. With a full range of options for the exterior and interior, the Stonic can be personalized to suit any driver. Customers have a choice of up to twenty color combinations for the exterior, with nine vibrant shades available for the body and five for the roof. The cabin trim and upholstery are available in green, orange, bronze, and grey color packs. Oklahomans love to stand-out. We expect the customization capability of the Stonic to be a huge appeal for our Tulsa-area shoppers (assuming it comes to the states).
Smart Technology
The Stonic is Kia’s smartest car yet. It has a host of smart technologies for the utmost enhancement of the driver experience. The cabin is ergonomically engineered to guarantee that all storage areas are efficient, and fall within comfortable reach of the passengers. Many of the ride and handling elements of the Stonic have been tweaked to ensure distinctive driving performance. The unique suspension and steering wheel set-up delivers a precise and fine-tuned ride. To top it all off, the inside of the Stonic offers generous seating room for all passengers.
Bold SUV-inspired Design
With the Stonic, Kia sought to create a crossover that was compact in size but mirrored the confidence and boldness of the brand’s larger models. The result is a clever and sleek CUV that features a blend of softly sloped surfaces for a sporty feel and sharp edges. The Stonic is compact but exudes an aura of rugged power. With SUV-inspired design in-mind, Kia’s engineers equipped the Stonic with the largest cargo area in its segment.
The Kia Stonic boasts a well-balanced combination of versatility, technological sophistication, and style that will surely make it a strong competitor in the compact crossover segment. We are itching to hear from Kia that we’ll soon be able to bring the Stonic to Tulsa and Oklahoma. In the meantime, stay tuned to all the latest Kia news on our Facebook page; Facebook.com/FergusonKia.

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