Cruise Tulsa's city streets in style, in the Kia Stinger

August 21st, 2017 by
The upcoming Kia Stinger exudes irresistible confidence and undeniable luxury with its sporty and aggressively-styled good looks. The Kia Stinger was created for city enthusiasts who seek luxury and the thrill of driving. 

The high-styled Stinger is perfectly tailored for the city lifestyle. Apart from its heart-pounding performance, the Stinger boasts a breathtaking design that combines aggressive dynamism and elegance with imposing proportions.

Aside from its good looks, the Stinger provides functionality that is perfectly suited for Tulsa city living. As the highest-performing production vehicle in Kia’s history, it boasts distinctively dynamic and powerful performance, perfect for wowing the crowds of the Tulsa metropolis.
The Stinger is Kia’s first ever true gran turismo. The Kia Stinger boasts a breathtaking design that combines imposing proportions with elegance and aggressive dynamism. Great design can be difficult to define, but with just one glance at the Stinger – you’ll know why all eyes are on this trendsetter.
Ferguson Kia is excited to introduce the Kia Stinger to the Tulsa Metro! Stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page to learn when the Kia Stinger arrives on our Broken Arrow lot. You can learn more about the Kia Stinger here.
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