All-New Kia Stinger Displays Its Performance on the Race Track

October 8th, 2017 by

Top Gear is arguably the most popular TV series dedicated to automobiles. The British TV series has been broadcasted in over 214 different countries. In fact, the series is a favorite among many of our Ferguson team-members right here in Broken Arrow! Recently Top Gear and Kia Motors teamed up to showcase how spectacular the all-new Kia Stinger is. The overall consensus being, the Stinger is unlike anything from Kia before.

Kia Motors and Top Gear invited four “petrolheads” to Cadwell Park racetrack in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. Once at the track, the four soon came face-to-face with the Stinger. Kia; however, had more in store than simply seeing and touching the new Stinger. The petrolheads were than given the opportunity to test-out the explosive performance of the gran turismo inspired sports sedan, with their special chauffeur, professional racing driver, Rob Huff.
As the video shows, the four petrolheads were quite surprised with the way the Kia Stinger flew down the track. Rob Huff, who’s accustomed to driving at high speeds, also found the Stinger’s nimble handling and towering performance to be surprisingly impressive. The Kia Stinger offers more than powerful performance. All participants found the Stinger’s ambiance and style to be aesthetically pleasing, as well.
As the most exciting and thrilling Kia machine yet, the Kia Stinger is surely a whole different animal that combines extremely appealing styling, practicality, and power with the GT-ignited embers of passion. A true driver’s car, the all-new Kia Stinger, is the historic result of years of impassioned design and development work at Kia.
This game-changing new Kia will go on sale globally in the fourth quarter of this year. Be sure and stay connected to our Kia blog and Kia Facebook page to learn when we’ll be able to bring the Kia Stinger to Tulsa and Oklahoma!

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