Kia Stonic Near Stillwater, OK

Kia Stonic | All-New Sub-Compact Crossover from Kia

Here at Ferguson Kia, we always have our eyes and eared tuned into the latest news from Kia. As Oklahoma’s largest Kia dealer, and the longest established Kia dealer in Oklahoma, we get super excited when we hear of the possibility of a brand-new Kia model. Recently Kia has done just that. They’ve teased us with photos of an upcoming sub-compact model with the unique name of the Kia Stonic!

Kia Stonic: No Confirmation of State Arrival
While our staff here at Ferguson Kia is already in love with the new Kia Stonic, we have to be upfront with you. Unfortunately, Kia has not officially stated whether or not the Stonic will come to the states or not. While highly likely that the Kia Stonic will, eventually, arrive in the states, for now all Kia is saying is that the new Stonic is scheduled to arrive in Korea and Europe later this year.

Kia Stonic: Unique Design
The one-of-a-kind look of the all-new Stonic was designed and conceived at Kia’s design center in Europe. The Stonic carries a stunning aura of confidence and sophistication unparalleled by its competition. The sub-compact crossover boasts sweeping lines that amplify its bold appearance. With fine sculpted lines and futuristic details and accents the new Stonic draws design cues from both the Kia Rio and the Provo concept that was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2013.

Kia says the new Stonic will be their “most customizable car yet!” The new sub-compact crossover features a two-tone roof and will give our Tulsa-area shoppers the choice of up to 20 exterior paint combinations!

Kia Stonic: A Name Unto Itself
Kia draws inspiration for many of the brand’s model names from musical terms. The Kia Stonic follows the same pattern, only with a unique twist – the name Stonic is a combination of two terms – ‘Speedy’ and ‘Tonic’. The first term is not a musical term; instead referring to the highly agile and well-balanced nature of this soon-to-be segment champion. The term tonic refers to the first note of a musical scale. Kia is expecting the new Stonic to become the first choice for shoppers in the sub-compact, crossover segment.

Kia Stonic: Outlook
Kia Motors Europe boss Michael Cole had the following to say about Kia’s expectations for the new model, “The Kia Stonic will be one of the most compelling new cars in this rapidly expanding class, backed by Kia’s unique warranty, and the brand’s reputation for reliability, quality and contemporary design. As the segment expands, the Stonic looks set to become one of our best-selling cars.”

As stated above, there’s no confirmation yet when and if the new Kia Stonic will go on sale in the United States. Kia is expected to reveal more information about the new Kia Stonic at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, this fall. We hope after the Frankfurt Motor Show we can announce that Ferguson Kia will be able to bring the Stonic to Oklahoma!

Like most of you, we hope Kia does indeed bring the Stonic to America. If Kia confirms the Stonic will arrive in America, we will be sure and keep you updated on when the new model will join our Kia lineup of new vehicles at our Broken Arrow, Kia dealership.

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